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Rovaniemi Wellness Tours

Rovaniemi Wellness Tours provides memorable wellness programs, where the focus is on a human being's holistic wellbeing.


In Rovaniemi city center at the Lordi Square we provide joyful Rovaniemi Ceremonies, which you can book online.

We provide one-day taylor made recreational activities and as longer programs weekend retreats. Programs are held in the Finnish Lapland wilderness, where we can enjoy the silence and beauty that it has to offer. In the tranquility we stop for a moment to listen, not only to the silent heartbeat of nature but also to ourselves as a part of it. 


Additionally, we organize Israeli folk dance teaching for beginners.


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Who are we?


Observing beautiful surroundings and enjoying walking in nature are closed to mind. During my Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality studies, I did my fieldwork in Pyhätunturi fell at Kairosmaja camp center. At that time my dear father had passed away, so I lived in sorrow because of his loss. When hiking in the fell, I noticed, that nature has a healing impact on my sorrow. My mind got refreshed and thoughts were flowing free. That time I realized, that I could bring small groups to fell to get relaxed and feel empowerment.


Israeli folk dances I have teached since 2015. First I teached them as a volunteer in Rovaniemi congregation, later also as part of my business.  I teach either 45-minutes lessons or half-a-day programs. Also one semester lasting dancing courses are possible, at customer's venue. I teach at beginner level so there is no requirement of previous dancing experience. In my Master thesis within Tourism and Hospitality Management I did research on the impact of Israeli folk dances physically on an individual. In the pilot it was noted that Israeli folk dances suit well as contents in well-being tourism products. When dancing, we strongly experience sense of community as we dance either in a circle, queue or on a line. We also feel shared empowerment and joy.

- Sirkka Juntunen (Chief Executive Officer)

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