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Program services and prices

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Rovaniemi Ceremony

To make visiting the magical Rovaniemi in the Finnish Lapland more festive, it’s possible to celebrate it with a joyful memorable ceremony, which is called the Rovaniemi Ceremony.

The Ceremony Master, Good Will Elf will tell you some stories about Rovaniemi and its' surroundings. After the speech you will participate in an easy dancing choreography to some joyful music. After the dance, you will get a personal certificate in English. To happily end the Ceremony, the Master will raise a toast with you. Congratulations!

Duration: 20 - 40 minutes

Prices: 40 € / person, including a personal certificate and warm berry juice

Family price: 140 € (2+2 persons)

Participants: 2–10 persons (min. two persons)

Book your ticket online!


Christian wellbeing day

Program is available at the moment only in Finnish.


Christian silence weekend retreat

Duration: from Friday evening around 18:00 to Sunday afternoon around 13:00


Content: Let's take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life at Sevettijärvi in ​​Northern Lapland. Let's focus on listening to ourselves in peace, in a natural environment. Let's enjoy delicious food. Shared moments of Christian prayer, pep talk/presence exercise and meditation. Also own time. Possibility of a short conversation with the instructor. Themes include, for example, "Choosing the freedom of forgiveness" or "Praying and giving thanks - with our whole being". The theme can also be customized according to the needs of the group.


Place: Sanila Reindeer farm in Sevettijärvi

Group size: 12 - 20 people 

Prices: around €450 - €500 / person

The prices (incl. VAT) consist of transportation Rovaniemi-Sevettijärvi-Rovaniemi, accommodation for 1-2 hh, meals and the program.



Israeli folk dance class

In the class you will hear a short presentation, how Israeli folk dances were created. Israeli folk dance, "hora" is danced in a circle, in a queue or in a row. In the class we dance beginner level dances so there is no requirement of previous dancing experience. We will learn 4 - 5 different Israeli folk dances, of which some are quick and some are slow in tempo. Please take, for example, sneakers or some other comfortable shoes to wear while dancing. Dress yourself in casual wear and take a water bottle with you. We follow COVID-19 regulations so, please, join the class only in healthy shape, thank you.     


Price: 60 €/45 min., minimum two persons paying, age over 6 years.


Classes will be organized in participants’ facilities or at beautiful weather outside at some convenient plat place. Reservations on request, at least two days beforehand.

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